Updated: Jun 2

My heart is broken! Today I am sad to be an American; it's clear our legal system is broken. This is murder ! How could someone murder another human being on camera without any shame or remorse?

My prayers are with George Floyd's family. I am sorry for your loss. I am sorry for your pain. It's hard when your loved one is taken away due to violence.

It's difficult not to react! It's difficult not to want revenge.

Revenge is really sweet; it's often bitter in the end. Heavy hearts and minds filled questions. Lord Jesus, when will the evil learn their lesson? Revenge is not a solution. It only feeds hate and deceit, filling our air like pollution. Darkness vs. Darkness only leaves to defeat. Jesus, we need some empathy in these streets. Father, I pray for Forgiveness for peace to increase.

Lord, we need your mercy the power to let go! American, we must repent.

Leaders get off the thrown. I never thought I would see the day when the only justice I saw would come from a cell phone. Forgiveness brings freedom no, of course, not right away. Forgiveness is for you and me, not the one that walked away. Forgiveness may not be swift justice, but It is eternal. RMB


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