Careful, Careful!

Careful, Careful!

Careful, careful! Your actions are watching you. They do just what your words tell them to do. Careful, careful! Your words tell a story that your actions don't match. Which one is the truth, which one will win the battle, the match? You say that you love me, yet you go out of your way, to remind me what it cost you almost every day. Would you rather give money them all of you my pal?

Your love is so lifeless no color or cheer. Your love makes me tired and listless, my dear. Careful, careful life is much too short treat it like Ice cream, devour it and savor the best part. We are but a vapor, let love and actions do their part. Not just in your life but, definitely your heart. Your actions are left to the interpretation of others.

Be sure that you love with actions leave no room for loneliness to smother the love that you say you have for others. Careful Careful! Be the best you always. Remember there's only today! Loving with action that tells the same story, leaves no room for the wrong kind of person to ever, in my life be discovered.

They might say they love just like you do. Loving with actions speaks volumes you see, they are stronger than any fallacy. Love is a smile, a back rub; it's even dinner for two. Love is an ear to hear that I need a weekend getaway because I miss you. Love is a flower, perfume, a football game, love is loving the sound of your name. Careful, careful! Action and words win the game.

Giving someone love or money is never the same. Love is giving that money cannot afford. Love is giving what cost you the most! When love is your passion, keeping you to yourself is truly the worst. Love is free to the receiver, its true love for the giver. True love leaves them empty of themselves and full of you!

Read Chapter 3: 1 John 3:18 King James Version (KJV)

18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

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