Changed by Fasting

Changed by Fasting

There are always altering calls for drug addicts, people who struggle with sexual addictions and alcohol. I have never heard a call for people struggling with food addictions, I weighed 110 lbs. when I ten years old. At the age of 23, I became a Christian. I was amazed at the number of men and women who were addicted to food. We all acted as if it was normal. Why? As I studied God’s Word, I learned the importance of fasting. The Bible does not say, “If you fast” but “When you fast.” I am certain that there are habits that are controlling us because we are undisciplined and self-centered; that hinders us from allowing God to have every area of our heart, mind and body.

I believe fasting does to your human heart, mind, and body what tithing does for your finances it teaches us discipline, self-control, and good stewardship. We truly own nothing. God entrust everything we have into our care. The Bible makes it clear certain things in our life can only be brought down and destroyed by fasting. Fasting should be not only an annual event but also a daily interpersonal discipline. We fast every day, which is why we call the meal we eat in the morning, “breakfast” because it breaks the evening fast. Most people claim they cannot fast.

However, it's something we have been taught to do all our lives. If we fast daily, why are so many people spiritually, physically, and emotionally unhealthy? Is it what we break the fast with that is killing us and decreasing our quality of life? I think so because many people have traded healthy meals for fast food meals. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing is not good, and too much of a bad thing is deadly.

God has designed our bodies to heal them, with rest, proper focus and the natural foods God created. When we start each day off with foods that are toxic and void of any nutrition, are we feeding our cells or our unhealthy appetites? We are what we eat, drink, read, think, and do. We must make wise choices daily in our relationships with food, people, and the resources that are entrusted into our care.

Each selection will produce rewards and regrets; God designed food to help not hurt us. When eaten in its natural state we reap the benefits with few side effects and regrets. Processed fats, meats, sugar, and grain are the root-cause of the epidemic of lifestyle diseases in our country. When our main meals are vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, oats and plant based fats we create a life that is richer and more rewarding.

Let’s live a life with fewer regrets! Real foods promote benefits without side effects while fake, processed food rob our bodies of energy and the essential nutrients needed actually to thrive. That increases the likely- hood of disease and poor quality of life. Begin to take control of your life by making choices that feed the life you were designed for and starved the life you regret. You CAN regain power and control again, one choice, and one day at a time.

Read Chapter 12: Romans 12:1King James Version (KJV)12:1 beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

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