Dear Church Leaders

Dear Church Leaders, are you leading your community into the tunnel of deception? I want to believe the answer is not intentionally.

The church is so divided on so many biblical principles, and yet we would say we want to develop healthy, mature, generous servant leaders.

I had a challenging childhood and a life filled with change and constant adjustments today, my mess is my message.

I am sure until we are made aware, we are each only servant stewart and only own our choices; the peace of God will continue to escape us. The body of Christ is just as overwhelmed by lifestyle diseases and broken relationships as the lost world; we are called by God to love and lead. What is the Tunnel of Deception? It's a dark shady place where light and truth are obscured or even absent.

The individual inside the tunnel are powerless to lead each other out. Only the individual on the outside of the tunnel has the power to lead others out. What does this have to do with the body of Christ and biblical principles? We all have areas of our lives where we have been in or are in the Tunnel of Deception.

We don't know what we don't Know! That's why we are deceived in some cases. Some people choose to stay in the Tunnel of Deception because it's comfortable. The tunnel that I am standing on the outside of call other out is the Appetite Tunnel Deception. The Bible is the only source of information that is reliable and provides solution-based principles that have proven results. Tithing teaches us about money what fasting teaches us about our appetites.

I believe whatever we don't talk out, we will act it out. The only area every church I've ever attended seems to agree on is the importance of tithing. In most cases, an owner doesn't see the need to be cautious or generous. However, in most cases, when something is on loan or borrowed, we know it has to be returned and that we are not the owner.

I want to teach you and your community how to make the principles of prayer, fasting, and a plant-based lifestyle your solution to lifestyle diseases and broken relationships. Allow us to tell you more please join us.

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