Hey, Rejection! Thank you!

I understand now that you saved me time, money, and emotional energy. You see, Rejection has nothing to do with my value.

It's all about preference; I am not your flavor.

It does not mean that there is anything wrong with me.

I am just not for you.

I am good with that.

Understand that while people are not replaceable, they are interchangeable.

If not you, then who?

Then who, someone who will not tolerate me but someone who will embrace me. Then who, someone who will prefer me. Someone else, not you.

I know my value; I know my worth. The days of being tolerated have dissipated like a bad odor at its worst. Preferred is who I am, what I have chosen, and the only way to get closer, you see. What you prefer you prize you value you hold in high esteem.

What a gift Rejection is to my self-esteem.

I am loved; my light fills the room leaving no place for shade and shadows to reside or deposit its gloom.

Thank you, Rejection you have made me who I am.

I am ok with being alone or in a crowded room. Thank you, Rejection, you have given me that I needed, space that helped me to bloom. Thank you, Rejection my homie from afar now I can shine and sparkle like a real Jesus star.

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