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I had a discouraging conversation with a dear friend the other day. She and I were sharing a message and it lead to a disagreement over one of my favorite ministers of the gospel. This individual and his father have devoted their life to God’s word and his people for over 28. I would not be the disciple of Christ I am now without their influence and guidance. The person sharing their opinion is someone I love and have known for over 25 years. I listened to the conversation and not only did I hear what was coming from her mouth I heard the sentiments of her heart.

My concern was not for the person she was speaking against but for her. I do not know the full Bible. Trust me that’s not my goal in life. My goal has always been to live the scriptures I know. I believe there is more power in scriptures you live than the one you memorized. John 13:34 is in red this means that Jesus is talking in this passage he says, I give to you a new commandment. “That you love one another as I have loved you and that you love one another.”

Again I am not a Bible scholar but from my understanding and experience anywhere words are repeated in the Bible they are essential. Jesus said I give you a NEW commandment. It does not say I give you an additional commandment.

Jesus said I give you a NEW commandment. In my brain that means that the old commandment is now old and not new. I don’t know about you but I like technology and whenever new cell phones come out I get the next version. What do I do with my old phone? I keep it as a backup.

Either in a drawer or I might even use it for my second line but I use the new phone because it is better equipped to handle the present task. From my understanding of the old and the New Testament. The New Testament does not erase the Old Testament. But, the New Testament is better equipped to handle the present task. Genesis says the word became flesh and dwell amongst us.

In the Old Testament God wrote the Laws on tablets? In the New Testament God writes his commandment on our heart. I believe there are 3 types of people in the world those who are deep in God’s word. Those who are wide in grace. The last group are the people who allow God spirit to teach them to be deep in God’s word and wide in God’s grace that is who Jesus is he is deep and wide.

Remember in the Bible there were the Pharisees, Sadducees the disciples, Jesus and the devil. Love must govern and define us and our life. In every instant and circumstance ask yourself what would love do and do that. I love my friend and we will always be friends because she is my sister in Christ. Love endurance all and it lasts until eternity. Let’s grow deeper and wider, in God’s love, his word and his grace. Love is the bridge that connects his word to grace. Renee M Beavers

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